Our Story

The story of EBMY Farm began in 1890 when our farm was built.  Throughout the years, my family has owned bits and pieces of this farm.  In 2017, we had the opportunity to purchase the farm and transfer our successful bakery from Charleston, SC to Albion, MI.  In honor of my family, EBMY Farm was created in 2017 and represents the last names of all who have lived on our farm over the past 100 years (my grandfather Veren Eddington, my father Don Boehlke, my mother Rita Miller, and then me and my husband).  Our love for family has been transformed and is now seen in our love for chutney.  We are offering our award winning chutney to you and we hope you can see our passion.

What IS Chutney?

Chutney (pronounced "chuht-nee") is a condiment originating from South Asian cuisine and could be considered a mixture between a salsa and a jelly.  While chutneys are most often associated with India, they’re also popular in Africa and the Caribbean Islands and gaining popularity here in the US.  Chutneys are served with almost every meal in India, especially with curries, but also as sauces for hot dishes (typically meats). Just think of them as a savory salsa that go great with nearly any protein, cheese, and can even be put on your favorite bread or cracker.  Our chutneys are cooked fresh and are made from a wide variety of ingredients including fruits, vegetables, and spices.  Our varieties are pureed and/or chunky and range in flavor from sweet, to a little spicy, to tart, or a combination based on which flavor you choose.   

Give ours a try!  Here are just a few examples... 



15376 E Erie Rd.

Albion, MI  49224

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